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We are a non-political organization.


We portray a "unit impression”.

Authenticity is strictly enforced.

Must be at least 15 years old.

Must be in good physical health.

Must acquire all required kit.

Practice “first person” reenacting.

We portray average Heer units.

We drill & train in field tactics.

Must learn German commands.



Required Uniforms & Equipment


These are general guidelines to direct prospective members in the pursuit of collecting the basic kit required for participation with Der Erste Zug. Please keep in mind that our main impressions are mid to late-war (1943-45) Heer (Army) Infantry and Pionier; the list below reflects extensive, unit-specific research.

The following sentence will save you considerable time, money, and frustration; don't make any purchases before deciding on and consulting a unit first! We require a certain quality of kit and not every vendor is a good source regardless of how 'authentic' their description says an item is.  Additionally, some vendors are good for some items but not for others.  There is no one stop shop unfortunately. 

If you are new to reenacting, the following will most likely seem overwhelming.  Don't worry, we will help you along in this process!  With guidance from the Alte Hasen of the group, when you are ready to take the field you will do so with a top notch kit & a solid knowledge base of how to portray a German soldier.

One of the most common questions we receive is "how much will this all cost?"  The answer to that does vary considerably depending on how much patience (and diligence) you have in looking for "deals" to come up, whether you buy new or used items, occasionally the sizes you require, and availability/rarity of certain pieces at the time you're joining.  Very generally speaking you can expect to spend about $2500-$3000 on all the required kit.  The most expensive single item is usually the K98 rifle, which can range anywhere from $350-$500 as of the time of this writing.

The Kit

Der Erste Zug requires all prospective & current members to obtain ALL items listed in "Phase One" of the Required Uniform & Equipment Items list below to participate.  This is to ensure that everyone's impression is complete to a minimal standard & they are prepared for the majority of unit scenarios & activities (about 60-75% of them).  Members must also obtain the items in "Phase Two" in order to participate in the balance of unit activities. This may seem excessive, but our focus is on quality and as we portray a unit impression, each man only looks as good as the one standing beside him.

All of the basic required uniform & equipment items you will need to get started can be found here:

Required Uniform & Equipment Items

Please note that in addition to the general kit requirements, der Erste Zug may require additional items for a specific event.  For example, our barracks impression at the Fort Indiantown Gap event requires proper German bedding, barracks stools, etc...

The Sources

Quality of items vary widely from vendor to vendor, and vendor stocks often change for better or worse as their suppliers change. Due to this constant fluctuation, we do not publish or maintain a list of where to get which item. This is done on a case-by-case basis with each new recruit as he is ready to purchase the item.

1.) All items must only be obtained through authorized suppliers. Any & all items obtained through un-authorized suppliers must first be approved through the unit leadership prior to purchase. Existing items may be deemed unauthorized upon inspection.

2.) Occasionally a previously approved item may no longer qualify for use in the Zug. This may be the result of new research or better reproductions coming available. We aim to lead the way as the most authentic looking landsers in the hobby.  Remember, what once may have been a state of the art reproduction several years ago has probably been rendered obsolete as reproduction techniques are vastly improving.

To get started, please contact us at:  We will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you in acquiring your Zug kit.





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