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Uniform & Equipment List...

For the sake of practicality, items of the kit have been categorized into three groups in terms of their importance. Phase One is the first group of items one must obtain.  To participate with unit at most events, you must have all items listed in Phase One (unless otherwise authorized).  Phase Two is a group of items that we require our members to acquire once they have completed Phase One of their kits.  Optional items are just that. Not all reproductions are authorized for use in der Erste Zug.  For current authorized reproductions and/or sources, please contact us at:

Phase I (Basic Kit):
2 Erkennungsmarken, Infanterie + Pionier
2 Soldbücher, Infanterie + Pionier
Period correct glasses, or contacts (if needed)
Period correct underwear
German issue wool socks
Wool M42 or M43 tunic w/insignia
Wool M42/M43 Keilhosen
Wool M43 cap w/bevo insignia
1 pair white + 1 pair black piped Feldgrau wool shoulder boards
Knit rayon service shirt with or without pockets
Lowboots & gamaschen
M35, 40, or 42 Stahlhelm
Trouser suspenders
Leather belt and buckle (since belts are not that expensive we recommend getting a web belt ASAP)
Y-straps (leather or tropical)
Black leather ammo pouches
Bayonet & frog (tropical or leather)
Shovel & carrier
Gas mask can
Breadbag (tropical or Continental)
M31 wool covered canteen & cup
Mess kit w/ strap
M40 or 42 overcoat
Issue wool blanket
K.98 rifle w/sling
RG34 cleaning kit
Equipment straps
Personal items as desired

Phase II:
Winter parka & trouser set in Sumpftarn/"tan & water"
German issue gloves
M40 pr 42 tropical tunic
Tropical black piped shoulder boards
Tropical trousers
M40 tropical cap, no soutache
tropical service shirt
Checked barracks bedding set + sheets
Web belt (if not already purchased in Phase I)
Tropical A frame

Optional items:
M44 tunic with proper M44 insignia
Tropical canvas & leather boots
Tropical issue socks
Tropical overcoat
Gas mask & filter
web canteen strap (AtF)
Web or leather Y-straps (whichever you don't already have)
Web or leather bayonet frog (whichever you don't already have)
Tropical or continental breadbag (whichever you don't already have)
Leather jackboots
Wool M38 or M42 field cap






Erkennungsmarke (dog tag):
Aluminum or zinc ID disc stamped with a unit inscription, serial number, and blood type. You will require two, one for our Infanterie impression and one for Pionier. Unit leadership will assist with the specific inscription.


Soldbuch (paybook):
Primary form of identification carried on the soldier most of the time and is the “soul” of your impression. This is a complex document that we will assist you with. You will require two, one for our Infanterie impression and one for Pionier.


Period glasses (Brillen):
If corrective lenses are required and contacts are not worn, you are required to have either original or reproduction period frames for use in the unit.


Period Underwear (Unterhosen):
Yes, we take authenticity down to the skin! Reproduction German Army or civilian underwear can be tricky to find, so we do allow certain postwar items.


German issue wool socks (Socken):
Reproduction gray wool socks with size rings are required. Additional period correct civilian socks may be authorized, but issue socks are still required.


Wool tunic w/insignia (Feldbluse):
Model 42 or 43 preferred as a first tunic, model 40 may be authorized. German uniforms fit far more tailored than most people realize, so proper fit is vital. Original or quality reproduction, properly applied breast eagle and mid or late war “generic” collar litzen are required.


Wool trousers (Hosen):
Mid to late war M42/43 “Keilhosen” style with high-waist, baggy, tapered leg with ankle strap.


Wool M43 cap w/bevo insignia (Feldmütze):
Avoid embroidered trapezoid insignia on wool backing.


Shoulderboards (Schulterklappen):
One pair field gray wool boards piped in white for Infanterie and a second pair of field gray wool boards piped in black for Pionier. May consider a second of each for the overcoat.


Service Shirt (Diensthemd):
Knit gray/green rayon style with or without pockets preferred.


Lowboots and Gamaschen (Schnurstiefel u. Gamaschen):
German issue reproduction leather low quarter boots with hobnails and heel irons dyed black and well-oiled. Original or quality repro linen or cotton canvas gaiters with proper leather fittings.


Helmet (Stahlhelm):
M35, M40, or M42 models all acceptable. Must be painted in proper color field gray for model. No decals preferred, single decals are acceptable, double decals prohibited.


Trouser suspenders (Hosenträger):
Army issue or period civilian style suspenders.


Leather belt and buckle (Koppel u. Schloss):
Army issue black roughout leather belt and aluminum or steel buckle.


Y-straps (Koppeltragegestell):
Early “hidden stitch” variant leather straps preferred, exposed stitch acceptable. Web “tropical” straps also acceptable as a first purchase.


Ammo pouches (Patronentaschen):
Black pebbled leather 3-cell pouches. There are few accurate reproductions on the market, be sure to consult us before purchasing!


Bayonet & Frog (Seitengewehr):
K.98 bayonet and leather or web frog.


Shovel & carrier (Spaten):
Straight handled E-tool with tan presstoff (or leather) carrier preferred.


Gas mask & can (Gasmask u. Maskendose):
M38 gas mask can painted proper field gray color and mask/filter combo.


Zeltbahn (shelter quarter):
Heer Splinter A pattern.


Breadbag (Brotbeutel):
Olive color linen or cotton canvas breadbag in either continental (leather fittings) or tropical (web fittings) variant.


M31 Canteen & cup (Feldflasche):
Original or quality reproduction wool cover (watch out, lots of bad repro covers being sold) with either leather or web straps and an aluminum or bakelite cup.


Messkit w/strap (Kochgeschirr):
Standard German wartime issue 2-piece aluminum mess kit (watch out, there are a lot of incorrect patterns being sold) painted the appropriate color. Proper German issue leather or web strap required.


Overcoat (Mantel):
M40 or M42 field gray models acceptable. M36 not authorized as a first purchase.


Wool blanket (Decke):
Common issue style gray or cream with red and blue stripe at either end preferred.


K.98 rifle w/sling (Gewehr):
Regardless of specialty impressions, everybody in the Zug is a rifleman. A German production K.98 rifle with proper issue sling is required of all members.


Equipment straps (Riemen):
Army issue web or leather equipment straps with proper hardware.


RG34 ifle cleaning kit (Reinigungsgerät 34):
German issue cleaning kit with accessories. Yes, we maintain our weapons and equipment at events as the German soldier was required to!


Personal Items:
Shaving kit, toothbrush, comb, wallet, currency, handkerchief, hand towels, photos, and other such items a soldier would have carried.



Winter parka & troser set (Winteranzug):
Padded parka and trouser set in “Tan & Water” (Sumpftarn).


Wool gloves (Handschuhe):
Army issue heavy gray knit wool gloves with size rings


Tropical tunic & insignia (Feldbluse, oliv):
Olive-colored cotton or linen twill 5-button open-collar tunic in either the M40 or M42 cut for our Südfront Pionier impression. Similar to the continental uniform, these were very form fitting so a proper tailored fit is required! Also, properly applied tropical collar litzen and tropical breast eagle.


Tropical trousers (Hosen, oliv):
Olive-colored cotton or linen twill straight leg trousers.


Tropical cap (Feldmütze, oliv):
Olive-colored cotton or linen twill M40 peaked tropical field cap (has the appearance of an M43 cap with visor). No branch soutache but correctly applied tropical eagle and cockade.


Tropical service shirt (Hemd, oliv):
Olive-colored cotton or linen 2-pocket service shirt.


Barracks bedding set:
German Army issue blue & white checkered pillow & blanket cover with white twin fitted sheet set for barracks events.


Web/Tropical equipment belt (Koppel):
If not already purchased in Phase 1


Tropical A-frame (Gefechtsgepäck):
Tropical (all web) model for our Südfront Pionier impression. Accessory bag is optional.




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