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Rations of the German Wehrmacht in World War II
Change / Update File

Since the release of the book: Rations of the German Wehrmacht in World War II, the authors began to create a change/update file to send to their publisher after noticing some editing, formating, and factual errors in their book.  They had also collected many new photographs as well.  Some of these images were originally omitted due to space concerns, or by mistake, while some they couldn't use because they didn’t have authorization at the time to use them.  A few of these new photographs proved to be good replacements for the ones they originally used in the book.

Unfortunately, their publisher does not have a procedure in place at this time to address any changes directly in a timely fashion, so books are only updated when they go into reprint.  Wanting to get this change/update file out to everyone who purchased their book as soon as they possibly could, the authors asked if we would be willing to post their PDF file here for download.  Of course we agreed to help instantly! 

Rations of the German Wehrmacht in World War II
Change / Update File (PDF)
View or download the printable document

We would appreciate everyone’s help in getting this file out to others who might have bought this book by sending them this link or by posting this information on any other collector/reenactor forums.  Thanks!


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