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How to pack a model 34 tornister
By Patrick Oehler

Rolling your overcoat/mantel

1) Lay out the overcoat/mantel with the outside down.  Pull the sleeves so they are inside out.

2) Fold in the sides so you have a near rectangular shape.

3) Square off the bottom edge.

4) Start rolling from the collar to the bottom.

5) At this point you may also add your decke (blanket) which is folded in half then rolled.  Attach a Tornister or Equipment strap/Tragerķemen in the center & the lower straps to side fittings on pack. If necessary fold up the edge of the mantel & blanket so that it is even with the bottom of the Pack. 

How to pack a model 34 tornister

1) Lay socks in the bottom of the pack (side which will be resting against your back)

2) Place contents of shoe shine kit inside your Low Boots, or service shoes, then place shoes inside pack, place your rifle cleaning kit between the boots above the fleischkonserve (canned meat) portions of your iron ration. To the side of the canned meat, place the rope for your zeltbahn.

3) Place your the Knäckebrot (hard bread) portion of your iron ration inside the mess tin, which you will put inside the mess tin pouch.

4) In the compartment under the flap you may put the following: shaving kit, hygiene items, extra shirt, extra underwear, and sports shorts/shirt.

5) Place your Zeltbahn, folded into a square (be sure not to fold it in the same exact place each time, or else you will wear out the waterproofing ability of the zelt) between the two halves of the pack. (You may also place a blanket in this position if you wish). 

6) Close the pack, and attach your overcoat and/or blanket roll.

7) The hooks are supposed to go into your ammo pouches/patronen taschen, and the auxiliary straps are supposed to hook to the bottom of the pack (if you have the 1887 model pack straps with the hooks and auxiliary straps. The auxiliary straps will bear most of the weight). If you have the 39 style straps for your tornister you will have to attach it to your y-straps. There is a different way to pack this kind of tornister which will be covered in a future article. 

8) The zeltbahn (shelter quarter) is only rolled and strapped over the mantel (overcoat) or decke (blanket) when the tornister is worn with the full-dress uniform (formations).



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