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We are a non-political organization.


We portray a "unit impression”.

Authenticity is strictly enforced.

Must be at least 15 years old.

Must be in good physical health.

Must acquire all required kit.

Practice “first person” reenacting.

We portray average Heer units.

We drill & train in field tactics.

Must learn German commands.




Prospective Members


Der Erste Zug does not actively recruit or seek out new members to join its ranks.  We do however welcome inquiries from individuals who have an intense interest in researching, understanding, and portraying the common German soldier of WWII, are willing to conform to our standards of authenticity and conduct, convey a level of maturity commensurate with that of a serious historian, and are prepared to actively participate in our organization both at and in between reenactment events.

One who exhibits the above traits will be given serious consideration for membership into Der Erste Zug.  As an internationally recognized research and reenactment organization we put a high value on unit chemistry and cohesion.  Those who begin the path to full membership begin in the "Rekrut" phase, where they are provided direct assistance and access to the accumulated knowledge/experience of the general membership to craft a top notch, historically accurate impression.

We are a medium size group with a steady membership base hailing from the Northeast & mid-Atlantic regions of the US (PA, NY, NJ, MD, VA, WV, OH, CT, MA).  It is not required that you live in one of these states but you must be willing/able to travel there to attend our programs.  Der Erste Zug participates in 6 events per year on average throughout the East coast, the majority taking place in and around Pennsylvania.

We have a wealth of reenacting and real life military experience in our ranks.  Some members have impressions spanning multiple time periods from Colonial to CW to WWI and beyond.  Our ages range from 16 on up with the average age in our group being roughly 30.  We are a fast paced unit and engage in some intense physical activity often in adverse environments and climate conditions, so a base level of fitness is required.

If you've read this far and would like to learn more about joining, please contact us at for more details.  Tell us a little about yourself, how you became interested in reenacting in general and Der Erste Zug specifically, and what you feel you can add to our organization by becoming a member.




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