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Original Soldbuch Stories...

From induction to discharge, the German soldier had in his possession his Soldbuch.  For those looking to research German Army life, these little books contain a wealth of information.  Below are some stories of the men who served in the 272nd Division.  It goes to show how one can learn a lot about a soldier's military career & family just by reading his Soldbuch.
Horst Swenssen
Soldbuch of a member of GR 980
Karl Nagel
A "bad boy" Landser
Harald Nehring
A Runner in Füsilier Kompanie 272
Paul Radek
Paul Radek's Soldbuch
Heinrich Rave
A Sniper from the 272nd Division
Wolfgang Klünner
Wanted for desertion
Hermann Fuhrmeister
A Hauptfeldwebel from the 272nd Div.
Max Groner
Unteroffizier Max Groner
Ernst Bender
Ernst Bender's Soldbuch
Fritz Schulze
A Leutnant on the Western Front
Andreas Wego
Inducted by the Navy, buried by Army
Willi Kumpka
A Westfront Spieß
Gerhard Weiss
A member of Div.z.b.V. 406, Korps Feldt
Otto Rabbe
A Unteroffizer in GR 915




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